Alan Jones speaks at a Grantham community meeting to protest coal seam gas and mining exploration in the Lockyer Valley.
Alan Jones speaks at a Grantham community meeting to protest coal seam gas and mining exploration in the Lockyer Valley. Kevin Farmer

City hits back at Alan Jones' anti-Toowoomba rants

RADIO broadcaster Alan Jones' remorseless verbal barrage against Toowoomba has prompted residents to demand he "back off".

The Sydney-based broadcaster has been a critic of major developments across the Darling Downs.

He regularly lambasts the proposed third stage of the New Acland Coal Mine near Oakey, labelling former Queensland premier Campbell Newman and his government "prostitutes" due to their stance on the mine.

Mr Jones has long campaigned against Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and has called for a Royal Commission into the events leading to its approval.

He has repeatedly told listeners that the Grantham quarry formerly owned and operated by the Wagner Group had an impact on the 2011 flood.

Oakey man Craig Commens said that Mr Jones never had a good thing to say about the Darling Downs.

"He must seriously hate the entire area," he said.

Has Alan Jones gone too far in his attacks on Toowoomba?

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Stephen Pickersgill asked if Mr Jones had "ever been to Toowoomba?"

Rick Ryan suggested that Mr Jones was self-opinionated.

"Get him off Toowoomba radio," he said.

Jen Fitch questioned what Mr Jones had done to create jobs.

"(He's done) nothing but complain about the unemployment," she said.

Michele Fowler said that his opinion didn't count in Toowoomba.

Heather Barr questioned who was giving Mr Jones the leads for his stories.

"I wonder who is fuelling his fire?" she said.

John Neilsen said: "I don't know why he's so upset with Wagners."

But the "mouth from the south" does have his supporters.

Calum Mayall said that Mr Jones was simply shedding light on important Toowoomba issues.

"Love him or hate him he is doing his job," Norma Voll said.

Considered the "king" of breakfast radio in Australia, the influential "shock jock" is one of the most regarded and feared media personalities in the country.

His on-air comments led Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney to launch defamation action him that was eventually dropped.

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