Child victim asks court not to jail perpetrator

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl who was assaulted by her mother's partner has begged the court not to send the perpetrator to jail.

In a victim impact statement tendered to Ipswich District Court, the child she said she loved the 45-year-old man and didn't want to see him behind bars.

The Goodna man, who cannot be identified, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard the girl had been sent to her room for misbehaving before being called into her mother and the man's room.

There the man yelled at her, telling her she had to listen to her mother and obey the rules.

He "cupped" his hands around her jaw and shook her head while continuing to yell at her before throwing her onto the bed at least three times.

She was taken to the Ipswich police station the next day by her grandmother.

The girl suffered from bruising to her jaw, elbow, shoulder, armpit and torso.

In her victim impact statement the girl said the man had been a better dad to her than her biological father.

"(The man) is better than my own dad," she said.

"I don't want him to go to jail."

Defence barrister Geoff Seaholme told the court the statement spoke volumes about his client.

"He's said time and time again that 'I never meant to hurt her'," Mr Seaholme said.

The man's actions were described as "excessive discipline" by the defence.

Judge Gregory Koppenol said the defendant was lucky the girl hadn't sustained any lasting or serious injuries.

"If he had (hurt her) he'd be going to jail for that," he said.

"He's just got to take control of himself."

The man was sentenced to six months' jail and granted immediate parole.

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