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Caitlyn Jenner facing manslaughter charge over fatal crash

CAITLYN Jenner allegedly violated a vehicular manslaughter law in a fatal car crash in February.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has determined the E! reality star -- who was known as Bruce Jenner at the time of the incident, prior to her gender transition -- "set off a chain of events" that resulted in the death of a driver in a multi-car pile-up on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu earlier this year.

According to TMZ, the sheriff's department has compiled a 161-page report on the incident, concluding that Caitlyn, 65, was driving too fast for road conditions, despite driving under the speed limit.

The report is said to have found that Caitlyn slammed into a Lexus vehicle in front of her as traffic was at a halt or had just started to move.

A source told the website: "[She] should have either been going 0 or just barely rolling."

The report reportedly finds that Caitlyn violated Penal Code section 192(c), which corresponds to misdemeanour vehicular manslaughter law.

The case is expected to be presented to the Los Angeles county District Attorney next week.

If taken to court and convicted, Caitlyn could face one year in prison.

The February pile-up resulted in the death of motorist Kim Howe, while Jessica Steindorff, whose Prius was also involved in the crash, has sued the Olympian.

Her lawsuit comes after two adult stepchildren of Kim Howe, who died in the crash when her car was shunted into oncoming traffic, filed a wrongful death suit against the 'I Am Cait star.

However, Caitlyn filed documents insisting William, 57, and 60-year-old Dana do not don't deserve compensation because they didn't lose anything when she died as they never depended on their stepmother to pay for essentials such as food, shelter, medical treatment or clothing.

The duo, who allegedly "had virtually no relationship" with their stepmother, accused Caitlyn of being "careless and negligent" and of speeding when the accident happened. They are seeking damages for loss of affection.

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