HELPING OUT: David Cullen has adopted a family as part of  The Queensland Times ' Adopt a Family Appeal fundraiser.
HELPING OUT: David Cullen has adopted a family as part of The Queensland Times ' Adopt a Family Appeal fundraiser. Rob Williams

Businesses sign on to help drive Adopt-a-Family appeal

GROWING up in foster care, David Cullen knows how hard it can be to get in the holiday spirit when you have nothing.

While other children were experiencing the joy and excitement of the holidays, Mr Cullen thought of Christmas as "just like any other day day".


"I grew up through the fostering system, so I know what it is like to not have anything," he said.

"I remember when I was up at the home and Christmas Day came and we didn't get any presents.

"It was just another day to us. That was unfortunately just life."

Mr Cullen, from Ipswich Pro Drive, is well known around Ipswich for his tireless community work. Now he is adding The Queensland Times' Adopt-a-Family appeal to his long list of good deeds.

After reading a story about how 143 families were still looking to be "adopted", Mr Cullen phoned the QT within minutes to choose a family.

"It's always good to give back," he said.

"Christmas is always such a magical time, but if you are struggling, it makes it a lot harder.

"It's easy to do and it doesn't take much to give someone some joy on Christmas Day.

"My wife and my girls have already been out and done the shopping for the family."

In the past week, more than 90 families have been adopted. But we still need your help to ensure the remianing 58 families enjoy a magical Christmas.

Here is the list of families who are still seeking adoption:

8. Dad/Mum/Boy 14/Girls 14,12,9

18. Dad/Mum/Boys 17,16,10

19. Mum/Boy 17/Girl 13

41. Mum/Boys 13,2/Girls 15,11

59. Mum/Boys 15,12/Girls 17,10

60. Male/Female

63. Mum/Boys 15,12/Girls 14,6

65. Mum/Boys 16, 13,8/Girls 10,4

66. Dad/Mum/Boy 12/Girls 9,9,3

73. Dad/Boy 17

75. Dad/Mum/Daughter 18/Boy 12

78. Mum/Boy 15/Girls 17, 14

79. Dad/Son 19/Boys 10,8/Girl 15

85. Mum/Sons 26, 21/Girl 16

88. Dad/Mum/Son 19/Boys 17, 17/Girl 13

90. Mum/Boy 16

92. Mum/Son 20/Boys 10,7

93. Mum/Boys 15,5/Girls 16, 8

97. Mum/Son 20

109. Dad/Mum/Son 18/Girl 16

113. Dad/Mum/Boys 7,5/Girls 12,10

114. Dad/Mum/Uncle/Boy 11/Girls 15,8

119. Dad/Mum/Boy 13/Girl 16

124. Dad/Mum/Boys 11,7/Girls 9,5

153. Mum/Boys 14,6/Girls 10,3

156. Mum/Son 18/Boys 16,10,8

158. Mum/Son 18/Boy 9/Girl 8

160. Mum/Boys 7,6,4,2/Girls 9,1

161. Mum/Boys 17,14,11,8/Girl 5

168. Mum/Boy 11/Girls 13,10,9

170. Mum/Son 25/Boy 16

175. Mum/Boys 14,2mths/Girls 17,10,5

179. Mum/Girls 14,13,8

180. Dad/Mum/Son 19/Girls 14,6,2,10mths

183. Dad/Mum/Daughter 23/Boy 11/Girl 13

184. Mum/Son 19/Boy 10, 8/Girl 16

187. Dad/Mum/Boys 12,10,8,6,4/Girl 16

188. Dad/Step-Mum/Girls 13,10

189. Mum/Uncle/Boys 14,12,1/Girls 10,4

190. Mum/Step-Mum/Cousin/Boys 12,11/Girls 8,2

199. Dad/Mum/Boys 15, 4mths/Girl 13

201. Mum/Daughter 18/Boy 16

202. Dad/Mum/Boy 14/Girl 9mths

216. Mum/Boys 17,15/Girl 9

217. Mum/Grandfather/Boys 17,15/Girl 16

219. Dad/Mum/Son 18/Daughter 18/Boy 15/Girl 4mths

220. Mum/Daughter 18/Boys 16,15

222. Mum/Step-Dad/Girl 15

223. Dad/Step-Mum/Boys 14, 14

224. Mum/Daughter 18/Boy 16

226. Dad/Boys 15,13/Girl 16

227. Dad/Mum/Daughter 25/Son 18/Girl 6

228. Mum/Boy 16/Girls 15,10,10,6

234. Male 25/Female 21

235. Mum/Son 22

236. Male/Female

241. Mum/Boys 14,13/Girl 16

247. Mum/Boy 17/Girl 14

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Cyclone Owen to wreak havoc with up to 400mm of rain

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Dangerous weather threatens QLD and NSW

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