Bundaberg pushes RV park at Fraser Coast’s expense

WHILE Fraser Coast politicians debate the future of RVs in the region, Bundaberg representatives are progressing plans to build an RV superpark.

Caravan and Motorhome Club of Australia representatives are negotiation with the Bundaberg Regional Council and mayor Jack Dempsey about the park.

Last year the CMCA established a similar park in Ingam, which they claim generates more than $1.5 million for the town's economy annually.

Like the Ingham concept, the CMCA is searching for a land-lease agreement with a coast council to establish and manage an RV-friendly facility. In his campaign to become mayor Jack Dempsey pledged to offer just that, at no cost to ratepayers but with strong benefit to the economy.

The proactive approach from Cr Dempsey has heartened CMCA state representative Richard Mainey.

"We're working with Bundaberg Regional Council because we've had no luck on the Fraser Coast," he said.

"We are just about to recommence negotiations on an RV park for Bundaberg but it's a long process."

Mr Mainey said budget constraints were being worked through but the CMCA was hopeful the rum city would become RV-friendly.

In the campaign, Mr Dempsey said RVs were mostly self contained so there would be a minimal infrastructure cost to build a superpark.

"We're missing out on millions of dollars and it would cost the ratepayers nothing," he said.

"Many of the RV owners are semi-retired who would be more than willing to assist other community groups."

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