Book review: Southern Italian Home Cooking

BOOK: Southern Italian Home Cooking
AUTHOR: Frank and Dominic Criniti
PUBLISHER: New Holland
RRP: $40 (hardcover)


THE Criniti brothers' cookbook is a big warm book just like the Criniti clan -all embracing.

It is above all a celebration of the family and their traditional and delicious food.

Now with a string of restaurants in five locations across Sydney, the brothers still base their dishes on time-honoured meals handed down by their immigrant parents.

Vegetables brought in directly from Papa Cosimo's garden were then prepared by Mama Rose.

Frank continues the tradition of perfect, fresh fare.

Much more than just a cookbook, Frank and Dominic take us on a nostalgic journey through their beautiful country and Italian way of life.

Frank evokes his Southern Italian childhood where eating meals together united the large family and was a cherished custom.

Being a Criniti means striving for perfection in everything they do. Choosing a box of tomatoes at the market is like choosing a champion thoroughbred; it has to be the best.

The gorgeous recipes are divided into seasons, with regional foods such as minestrone or lentil soup in winter, mozzarella and tomato salad in spring, figs wrapped in ham and cheese for summer and chicken breasts with marsala in autumn.

A huge array of other dishes including entrees, pastas, main courses, sweets and biscuits is included in this book. Spectacular full colour pictures will entice you straight into the kitchen to try these mouth watering recipes.

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