OPINION: Govt gets a tick for its response to refugee crisis

CREDIT where credit is due.

The Abbott Government has agreed to take on an extra 12,000 refugees to help ease the humanitarian crisis that has hit the Middle East and Europe.

We can debate whether that number is large enough but when you consider Britain has only pledged to take 20,000 refugees, 12,000 seems about right.

All but the hardest of hearts have been moved by the image of the dead Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach.

Put simply, it required an immediate response and I'm glad this is rolling out across the globe.

But there are many people opposed to increases in our refugee or migrant intake.

Some of them have left comments on this page.

What I say to the general argument that "charity should begin at home" is that you are absolutely correct.

A considerable amount of money is poured into the charitable sector through direct government money, subsidies or tax exemptions.

And yes, we should be spending more on the homeless and in propping up the ailing healthy system.

Rest assured good work is being done in these areas.

But Australia and Australians in general are a generous bunch and we should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Not only are we capable of addressing problems domestically, we are capable of playing a part internationally as well.

There is also a moral imperative that if we are prepared to bomb Syrian territory we should be prepared to take more refugees fleeing the conflict.

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