Take a moment to pause every now and again, and see if your business benefits from a new approach to mindfulness.
Take a moment to pause every now and again, and see if your business benefits from a new approach to mindfulness.

Mindfulness in business: how and why it can help

A LOCAL expert in human behaviour says being in business can be lonely and too often businesses do not have the support they need for the emotional roller-coaster they will ride.

Macushla Montell has recently started a business - mindsherpa.com.au - combining her passion and skills as a trained psychotherapist, with her extensive business background, to help local businesses on their journey to the top.

"Everyone in business needs someone to support them...someone to talk to, someone to cheer them on," she said.

"Someone to be there with them for the journey who will help them achieve their goals quicker. I combine business coaching techniques with advanced psychological techniques, to work with individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and managers from many backgrounds and cultures and I love what I do."

Multi-award winning creative agency The Creative Collective has enlisted her help with their strategic planning processes, executive coaching, and also to manage individual staff performance as required.

"It works really well having an independent, objective and trained professional with the skills Macushla and her team have to deal with any issues which arrive," chief executive and founder Yvette Adams said.

Ms Montell, who has a Masters degree in Gestalt psychotherapy, was born into a family with a diversity of businesses ranging from agriculture to fashion and health and fitness.

She opened her first business, a dance studio in Sydney, at 16 years of age and sold it after two years for a healthy profit.

She then went on to launch her own fashion label and open a restaurant.

Ms Montell has also worked in the airline and property industries.

Her keys to success are: awareness, responsibility, determination and a sense of humour.

MEANWHILE, the Chenrezig Buddhist Institute at Eudlo is running a mindfulness workshop aimed at a business audience in Mooloolaba this Saturday, June 15.

Carla Pearce will be presenting The Mind App course, showing how business owners can use scientifically proven techniques to overcome stress, dramatically improve work efficiency and build winning business teams.

Booking are essential via mindapp@chenrezig.com.au

And there is a new book out in July called Mindfulness at Work, by Dr Stephen McKenzie.

It is designed to help readers eliminate distractions, increase productivity, develop stronger leadership skills and reduce stress.

The book includes real-life workplace examples, showing how certain techniques can be applied to any worker looking to increase focus in their occupation. It is a guide to de-cluttering the mind and improving the working life.

It is published by Exisle Publishing and will be available next month for $24.99.

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