Bullet's escapes over two days has seen his owner cop thousands in fines.
Bullet's escapes over two days has seen his owner cop thousands in fines. Chris Ison Rokcdogs

Break-out dogs rack up thousands in fines for owners

NALA and Bullet's owners could avoid paying a couple of thousand dollars in fines if their dogs are surrendered to the Council.

The pair of roaming mutts have racked up a fistful of fines, totalling more than $2000, for their owners after escaping from their Berserker home on several occasions.

Rockhampton Regional Council says it is happy to work with the dogs' owners, who are struggling to pay the fines, to find the best solution for all parties.

Yesterday, one of the home's residents Matthew Harris, who doesn't own either dog, spoke out about their situation.

He said the dogs were owned by two different housemates and claimed everything had been done to contain the dogs to the yard. But they somehow managed to keep slipping out.

He said his housemates were not irresponsible owners and had tried to do the right thing.

"Why would you bother to register and chip your animal only to wear the excessive fines on that fateful day they get out?" he said.

He argues the owners would not have to pay the fines if they gave the dogs to the council, where the dogs would likely be later destroyed.

However, the council's boss said the Council handled each incident dependent on the individual circumstances of that case.

Chief executive Evan Pardon confirmed the council was investigating the incident in Berserker after four complaints were received about dogs in the area near Charles Street.

"The council will work with the owner to establish a way for them to pay off their fine, to enable them to take home their pets," he said.

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