Bad timing or busted? Knife found in car entering jail

IT WAS a case of "oops I forgot I put it there" or busted mid-act when police found a knife in the car of a man entering the Maryborough Correctional Centre facility.

Either way, Brody Allen Paputsakis pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates on Thursday to attempting to take a prohibitive item into a corrective services facility.

On July 16, police searched his vehicle after he entered the Aldershot grounds to find both the knife as well as a billy club.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Donna Sperling said Paputsakis made justifications for the weapons, saying the knife was actually an envelope opener.

"During the search police located a bladed knife in the storage compartment in the driver's door, and a billy club in the boot of the vehicle," Snr Const Sperling said.

"He stated the knife belonged to him, and stated it was an envelope opener."

Paputsakis said he was aware that the billy club was in the vehicle, but forgot where exactly it was.

"He drove past warning signs into the facility area," Snr Const Sperling said.

"He said he was aware it was prohibited."

Taking into account Paputsakis' lack of criminal history, early guilty plea, and the fact that the weapons were not taken out of the car, Magistrate Stephen Guttridge fined him $300. No conviction was recorded. Paputsakis represented himself in court.

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