Hoverboards were hot on Christmas lists, but their tendency to explode while being recharged saw some get recalled
Hoverboards were hot on Christmas lists, but their tendency to explode while being recharged saw some get recalled

Are these dangerous products in your home?

PRODUCT recalls are on the rise, with food contamination and unsafe imports leading the spike in dangerous products.

In the past financial year, 670 products were pulled from Australian shelves, compared to 596 in the previous financial year.

Over that time, cars were the most recalled product with 182 having some safety problem, while the biggest increase was in food and groceries, with recalls up by 52 in one year.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission deputy chair Delia Rickard said the Product Safety Australia site has a list of all products that have been recalled.

"Consumers can easily check our recall information to ensure they don't have any unsafe goods lying around in their homes or garages, and act quickly to remove potentially harmful products from their homes if they have been recalled,” Ms Rickard said.

"By following the advice on this site, you can buy and use products wisely and protect yourself.”

Did any of these dangerous items make their way to your home?

Bosch dishwashers

More than 63,000 Bosh dishwasers were recalled, after it was found that 20 models sold in Australia between 2000 and 2006 could develop cracks in its circuit board and catch fire.

ALDI hot dog buns

An urgent recall was issued on Bakers Life Hot Dog Rolls from stores in NSW and ACT because of metal shavings in July this year.

Fantastic Furniture dining chairs

Two people had part of their toes sliced on Fantastic Furniture's popular Worx chair, which prompted nearly 100,000 to be recalled in January this year.

Blue Ribbon ice cream

A recall was issued on 1.25L and 2L Blue Ribbon ice cream in May due to cases of plastic pieces which found their way into the ice cream. Best before dates of between April 28, 2017 and April 27, 2018 shouldn't be eaten.


The hottest Christmas present last year was the hoverboard, but it wasn't long before they began bursting into flames and burning down houses. The ACCC recalled more than 20 hoverboards that weren't compliant to Australian safety standards.

Apple AC adapters

Tech giant Apple was forced to recall faulty AC wall adapters designed for use in Australia earlier this year after 12 incidents involving malfunctioning adapters that were shipped with Mac computers and some iPhones and iPads between 2003 and 2015.

IKEA bat costume

In April this year, IKEA urgently recalled the Lattjo bat cape after reports three children were injured, and fears that fastening at the front wasn't easy to detach in the case of choking.

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