A COMMON SIGHT: The Bruce Highway in gridlock.
A COMMON SIGHT: The Bruce Highway in gridlock. Nicola Brander

OPINION: Stuck in Bruce Hwy traffic lock like Groundhog Day


Another crash.

Another Bruce Hwy car park.

I love Groundhog Day. It's arguably one of Bill Murray's finest pieces, but it feels like the Bruce Hwy could have been another option as a filming location.

Not a week goes by I reckon without some act of idiocy, accident or nature bringing traffic to a standstill.

A few drops of rain and it's a matter of minutes until the morons are ploughing into each other.

And the worst part.

It only takes a minor bingle to render the highway completely blocked, because our main arterial road is a mere two lanes wide.

Yesterday's incidents were yet more proof of the need to expand the Bruce to six or eight lanes with wide shoulders.

It's a nightmare for emergency service vehicles and towies to access crash sites already.

Worse still for emergency service vehicles trying to access hospitals or others in need when faced with a logjam stretching for kilometres.

Perhaps the alternative is for our university to start teaching roadside midwifery courses to expectant parents as a community service.

That way, as our ever-increasing population grows and struggles to drive in an orderly fashion on the two-lane nightmare, they'll at least be able to deliver their next generation safely while stuck in the middle of a jam thanks to some rubbernecker who forgot to watch the road.

So let's get cracking with these upgrade plans!

Reduce the footprint on the forest, look at options to retain an exit for local businesses and let's get the bloody thing improved before we're all forced to take the chopper.

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