Admiring beauty when you see it

You don't have to be of the opposite sex to someone to give them a compliment. Be generous. Be kind.
You don't have to be of the opposite sex to someone to give them a compliment. Be generous. Be kind. diego_cervo

Is it okay for older women to admire young men? What about older men admiring young women?

I think we have reached a stage in our politically correct society where we are almost afraid to admire beauty, or at least admit to it.

I'm not talking about touching or making sexual suggestions.

I mean that moment when you see someone in the absolute prime of their human physicality and your mind says - wow! I was reminded of this recently when talking to a group of older women who paused in conversation when a beautiful, young, male musician passed by. His vitality and physicality was show-stopping.

Women don't get much opportunity to do this and Germaine Greer was certainly pilloried for her book on the art of admiring young men.

It's where we draw the line that's tripping us all up.

But celebrate admiration of beauty, I say. Pay someone a compliment.

Perhaps we shouldn't restrict ourselves to the idea of beauty only in youth, but recognise that beauty is everywhere.

Certainly this is a concept that is starting to be reflected in mainstream advertising, with older women and men being used on fashion catwalks and in cosmetic and clothing advertising.

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