Palmwoods accused drug trafficker granted bail

A PALMWOODS man charged with trafficking meth and marijuana on the Sunshine Coast has been granted bail.

It is alleged when Steven Francis Martin, 24 was charged as part of a major police drug sting, he had two mobile phones with numerous text messages detailing sales of meth and cannabis.

During Mr Francis's bail hearing on Thursday, Justice Peter Flanagan said the phones allegedly "contained threats in relation to the payment of money for such supply".

Justice Flanagan said Mr Martin also allegedly committed other drug offences while on bail.

He also said the prosecution had not yet compiled a brief of evidence against Mr Martin.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Mr Martin could attend a drug rehabilitation course for six months if he was released.

Because of Mr Martin's age and a possible lengthy period until the charges were dealt with, Justice Flanagan granted Mr Martin bail on strict conditions.

This included a condition that Mr Martin live with his grandparents after the rehabilitation program and not possess a mobile phone.

"There will also be a condition that he not commit any offences whilst on bail and if he does commit such an offence that will constitute not only a commission of an offence but a breach of his bail conditions," Justice Flanagan said.


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