Mum-of-four caught selling cannabis avoids jail

A MOTHER of four who admitted to having used marijuana off and on since she was 12 narrowly avoided being put behind bars after pleading guilty to her latest drug offending.

Lisa Margaret Taylor was found with a small amount of "green leafy material" and a home-made pipe for smoking the drug during a police search of her Toowoomba home on June 17, the city's Magistrates Court heard.

She told police she had bought the marijuana for $50 and admitted having given some to her partner which constituted a charge of "supplying a dangerous drug" to another, police prosecutor Sergeant Mike Robinson told the court.

The 39-year-old pleaded guilty to possessing and supplying a dangerous drug and possessing a drug utensil.

Her solicitor Peter Sloane told the court without his client's admissions she would not have been charged with the supply offence.

His client instructed she had been using marijuana "on and off" since she was 12 years old.

The disability pensioner was on medication but claimed the drug helped ease her anxiety, Mr Sloane said.

Taylor had managed to get through a period of parole without reoffending in the past, he submitted.

Looking through her criminal history, Magistrate Graham Lee noted Taylor had been given a variety of penalties by the courts in the past.

"You have been through the whole gamut of sentencing options," Mr Lee warned her.

"You're very close to going inside."

Mr Lee sentenced Taylor to six months in jail but ordered she be released on parole immediately and fined her $300.

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