Poll shows Queenslanders want Abbott gone in a landslide

A NEW poll released at the weekend has revealed Prime Minister Tony Abbott faces an election wipeout in Queensland.

The Galaxy poll revealed Labor is ahead of the LNP 51% to 49% on a two-party preferred basis.

The poll of 800 Queenslanders also found the Coalition's primary vote had dropped to 41% - 3% down since the last poll in May poll and nearly 6% since the 2013 election.

But it is Mr Abbott's approval rating among Queensland voters which would be most concerning to party bosses, adding more fuel to leadership speculation.

The same poll revealed 40% of Queenslanders said Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had the best plan for the state compared with 34% saying Mr Abbott did.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten told the party faithful in Tasmania at the weekend that Labor had a very realistic chance of winning the next election.

"We are not just up for the contest. We are in this to win," he said

"Because when it comes to jobs, health, education and fairness, the stakes have never been higher.

"And the difference between a Prime Minister stuck in the past and a Labor party building for the future has never been greater."

The Galaxy poll showed the Palmer United Party's vote had completely collapsed with only 3% of those surveyed saying they would vote for the party - a far cry from the 12% it registered at the last election.


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