New $6m round of anti-meth funding to target Queensland

THE State Government will spend $6 million trying to rid ice abuse from Queensland towns most affected by the drug.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the package yesterday in an effort to give frontline treatment programs more resources.

The funds would boost rehabilitation, treatment and outreach services in Rockhampton, the Gold Coast, Cooktown, Charleville and Cunnamulla.

New drug and alcohol intervention teams would also start operating at Logan and Townsville hospitals.

Over the last five years the weight of police seizures of methamphetamine in crystal form has increased more than a 100%.

The Queensland Police Service reports the purity of ice has risen to 72% over the same period.

Premier Palaszczuk also released a new discussion paper for the Government's plans to tackle ice, with the public able to comment on the paper for six weeks.

"Ice is having a chaotic effect on many individuals, their families and communities," Ms Palaszczuk said.

"It is an absolute evil, pitting relative against relative and friend against friend, tearing families and relationships apart.

"Our Indigenous communities are especially vulnerable to substance abuse. Ice represents a significant potential risk for them.

"These new initiatives are the first tranche of the Government's response and will put resources into frontline treatment and management of those suffering from the ice epidemic."

Queensland's program comes as several jurisdictions including New South Wales and Victoria work with the Federal ice taskforce to reduce the impact of ice in the community, while police operations are targeting dealers.



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