How the Australian workforce is going to change by 2030

THERE will be three million more Australian workers by 2030, more women will work part-time and older people will be employed for longer.

These are just some of the predictions in a study by social demographer Bernard Salt and KPMG Demographics.

The Super jobs report also looks at how high-speed internet will shape the nation's future.

It says new technology will help boost entrepreneurialism outside of major cities as more people embark on "small and agile businesses' pop-ups".

"Australians are on the dawn of a disruptive Uber-work era," Mr Salt said.

"We could also see the rise of new Silicon cities or beaches in regional hubs around the country as universal access to fast broadband drives a culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation outside our capital cities."

Mr Salt said mainstream workers like nannies, beauty therapists and fitness instructors would see their roles change with technology.

He said knowledge-workers like electrical engineers, medical researchers and business entrepreneurs would be paid well while doctors and other medical professionals could find most of their work conducted remotely.


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