Accused drug trafficking mum denied bail

A MOTHER who has been accused of trafficking meth and cannabis from her Sunshine Coast family home has been denied bail.

Kate Louise Hockney, 42, represented herself from the defendant's box at Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday but a judge deemed she was too risky to release from prison on bail conditions.

Ms Hockney has been in jail since May when she was arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking drugs, including cannabis and meth, over about a 13-month period.

She also faces other drug charges and driving offences.

The court heard police tracked Ms Hockney's phone calls and allege she supplied drugs 102 times in about a three-month period and regularly purchased the drugs from another person.

Justice Peter Flanagan said Ms Hockney applied for bail because her 12-year-old daughter was suffering from her mother's absence.

But he was concerned because her alleged trafficking occurred from the house where Ms Hockney lived with her daughter.

Justice Flanagan said her criminal history showed she was at risk of re-offending and that she should not be released on bail.

Ms Hockney's case will be back before Maroochydore Magistrates Court on September 23. - APN NEWSDESK

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