9 things you know if you grew up in Toowoomba

TOOWOOMBA wasn't always a city booming with developments driving to change the city, it was once a simpler place to live.

If you are a true Toowoomba resident, you'll know how to speak the lingo and remember a time when the best take-out spot was still McDonald's.

Here are nine signs you grew up in Toowoomba:

1. Whenever there was a big event on in town such as The Carnival of Flowers or the Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show you complained about the tourists, but secretly loved that Toowoomba was getting so much attention. You also went to the events anyway.

Carnival of Flowers
Carnival of Flowers Kevin Farmer

2. T-bar, the Woomb, Woomba or even Poowoomba are all acceptable nicknames for the city.

3. Grandie and Cliffos. Is there anyone in this city who actually says Grand Central or Clifford Gardens?

Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre
Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre Bev Lacey

4. Before The Strand Cinemas underwent renovations you would be disappointed to find out your favourite movies were being screened there. Just for the fact the arm rests don't go up and there is no elevation in the seats.

5. As Australians we like to shorten our words, even when it comes to our pubs. Most of the city's well known pubs have a nickname which is more common than their actual names.

  • The Fed - Federal Hotel
  • The Tatts - Tattersalls Hotel
  • The Cow - Spotted Cow
  • The Mill - Mill Street Tavern
  • The Golfie - City Golf Club
  • The Mort - Mort Estate Hotel
  • Fibber's - Fitzy's Fibber Magees, these days known as Tapestry bar
Gavan Chin raises his glass of Fat Yak on International Beer Day.
Gavan Chin raises his glass of Fat Yak on International Beer Day. Robyne Cuerel

6. Kearneys Spring gets an honorary mention because no two residents can agree whether it's Kearneys Spring, Kearneys Springs or Kearney Springs.

7. Toowoomba is the most populated inland city in Queensland the the second most populus inland city in Australia and you make sure you tell anyone who refers to it as a country town.

Welcome to Toowoomba
Welcome to Toowoomba

8. You were always thrilled when bands would actually come to Toowoomba to perform at the Empire Theatre.

9. You stare at older people when they complain about driving from one end of Toowoomba to the other because it 'takes too long.'

Driving in Toowoomba
Driving in Toowoomba Mike Richards

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