7-Eleven pay claims may take months

IT COULD take months for some 7-Eleven employees to get the pay they are owed.

Independent Franchisee Review and Staff Claims Panel chairman Professor Allan Fels warned former and current workers the compensation claim process would be lengthy.

7-Eleven has come under fire after some franchisees were exposed for underpaying employees.A dedicated website and telephone hotline will help workers start the process of getting their money.

Professor Fels said the claim assessment process would be complex and lengthy.

"Every effort will be made to assess, validate and pay claims as quickly and efficiently as possible," he said.

"But it may take a number of months to fully investigate claims and broader employee payment issues."I am keen to assure people that this exercise is purely about identifying the extent of employee underpayment and ensuring that those with legitimate claims are suitably compensated."

Deloitte will run the website and hotline and it will also oversee forensic accounting for the panel.

"The panel is independent of 7-Eleven and of any government authority, and does not have the power to gather, or any interest in gathering, information related to visas or a person's right to work in Australia," Professor Fels said.

The web address is www.7elevenindependentpanel.deloitte.com.au and the hotline is open from 8am-8pm daily on 1800 619 802.


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