10 things we can expect from the new iPhone

A leaked image showing the anticipated iPhone 7.
A leaked image showing the anticipated iPhone 7.

IT DOESN'T take long for leaks to spring up prior to the launch of some new technology.

The iPhone 7 (if that's what it will be called) is expected to launch sometime this year and the internet is abuzz with talk about the upcoming model.

Here are 10 things we can (very likley) expect from the new iPhone.

1. It could be shorter and stumpier

Leaked images of the supposed iPhone 7 show a shorter, stumpier, redesigned phone. Perhaps the slightly thicker design is in response to all those bendy iPhone 6 models.

2. It may not be called the iPhone 7

Rumours are swirling that there could be a new name coming into play other than iPhone 7.

3. Similar but not quite

The design will apparently be similar to the iPhone 6s, but not so similar you'll be able to use the same case.

4. The headphone jack seems to be getting ditched

Some tech sites are claiming the headphone jack will go. Does this mean wireless headphones could become a thing with iPhones?

5. Antenna lines are also going

The somewhat iconic antenna lines on the back are expected to go.

6. The camera will get a shake-up

iPhone 7 Plus will most likley come with a dual lens camera that will be bigger and closer to the top of the phone.

7. A more level design could be adopted

The metal bezel is apparently going - in favour of a design that's level with the glass and can't be indented.

8. New charging technology could be coming into play

There are whispers of further advancements in wireless charging for the new model.

9. Back in black

Apple will offer a space black iPhone 7 - according to several international tech sites.

10. Goodbye 64GB

It's believed Apple will do away with the 64GB phone option - but Apple will provide a 32GB entry level model, a 128GB midrange and 256GB top end.

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