Black Hawk preparing for Riverfire on Saturday night. Photos: Sarah Harvey

Black Hawks

Black Hawk preparing for Riverfire on Saturday...


Traffic was stopped on the Warrego Highway, Gatton at around 6pm Monday night to wait for a wall of water to pass over the highway.

Traffic jam on the highway spells the end of Easter weekend

HOLIDAY-MAKERS head home after spending the four-day weekend on the Sunshine Coast.

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I just drove back from movie world on the gold coast and the traffic from the gold coast flowed freely. Rather than more lanes on the highway, I think they need to look at the bottlenecks of where the traffic is being brought to a standstill and causing...

smeee from Marcoola

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A FEW years ago I remember watching a daytime TV show and the lady being interviewed was telling this tragic true story of what happened to her family.

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