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OUCH FACTOR: Redfoo (left), on stage with fellow X Factor judges Dannii Minogue, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ronan Keating, was the victim of a glassing attack.

Glass attacks are no laughing matter

REDFOO was never my favourite guy. But when this week it emerged that the pop star had been the victim of a vicious glassing attack, that took a back seat.


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chrisbduck - Toowoomba City

If the drunken bogan was capable of throwing the bottle or glass whatever it was, then what could they have done with a knife or a gun. This loser needs reigning in before its to late.

Bill Hoffman


OPINION: Take comfort in reasoned voices

POLITICIANS too often treat people as fools and in doing so drive many away from discussion that should involve thoughtful consideration.


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intherightplace - Caloundra

Bill's comments are often a light shining briefly through the dark fog of cynicism so common on these pages. I for one am grateful for small glimpses of humanity and its capacity to experience humility, pain, love and loss with courage - far from the...

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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