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Elspeth Ledwy is a senior associate with Kelly Legal, practising in personal litigation and injury law.

What makes a workplace dismissal unfair?

STRESS, anxiety and the 2am sleep-depriving question of “How will I pay the bills?” are all side effects of unexpectedly getting the sack.

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NoTonyAbbottPlease - Elliott Heads

Any political party that advocates legalising anything that is unfair should never be elected in a democracy, as fairness is a basic right of all people, is the basis of all religious beliefs and should be undeniable



Friends who post too many selfies can be annoying, but is something darker afoot?

Selfie-obsessed men may be narcissistic psychopaths

SEEMINGLY-harlmess selfies which clog up your newsfeed could actually be a sign that your friend has a more sinister problem, according to a new study.

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Jerabek - Tiaro

Another " Man Hater" study.....what about Women doing selfies inc nude pics. I can see why the "MGTOW" movement is on the rise...What a stupid story!!!...only dreamed up by Feminists.Ed there are better stories than this.Waste of space!!

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You are able to attract people who are creative, expressive and outgoing. Their importance can help you get ahead, but you will also be likely...

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