24 October - 22 November

If you need to communicate important information to someone the key to gaining their support is to slow down your speech and rephrase anything you feel is missed by them. You will find yourself in a situation where you hastily need to exit whilst giving instructions or key facts to someone. My suggestion is to postpone this important dialogue until you both have the time and focus to get it right. Dig into a little of your intuitive resources for the answers today. You can do this diplomatically without ruffling any feathers. Right now, you're likely to feel a spring in your step, and so sitting down in any sort of sedentary position today won't exactly appeal to you.


23 November - 22 December

If you are in higher education at this time, in all likelihood you'll change your major and even your institution during this period or may at least reconsider your options. You may be doing a great deal of letter writing or phone calling to a brother or sister in a distant city. Legal action is possible regarding a bus, car, motorcycle, or a neighbour and if that hasn't yet happened take note and exercise even greater care when travelling. Your thinking may be influenced by someone and this could impact adversely on your family circle who doesn't agree with you. You are keen and alert, and you express yourself well but may ruffle a few feathers in the process.  


23 December - 20 January

Sometimes when you aggressively go after something that seems to run away from you and this could be the case if you desire someone and in particular the physical relationship with them. In some ways, cautiously pulling back could be exactly what is needed to attract them or bring them back into your life if it's a case of feeling as if you've lost them. In other words today's key is all about reverse psychology. Someone's not showing you the affection you deserve at present. Romance could be fulfilling as long as mutual interests fuel each other's affections. 


21 January - 19 February

Choices are often something you prefer not to make especially if the two things at hand, one of which you may have to discard, are both equally tantalizing and enjoyable, if only for the time being. When it comes to matters of the heart, however, there may be an element of guilt associated with this sort of behaviour and it requires a ruthless sort of discrimination to make a speedy and what may seem like a heartless decision. Your heart is not in your work today either and you are probably thinking more about the financial gains rather than the quality of what you are doing. As well, there is really no use crying over a severed bond if all the while you have known the personalities involved are so dissimilar.


20 February - 20 March

The dark night of your soul has passed, and today you can start to feel the stirrings of a new vision, in short hope. But you mustn't hold onto things which are going to damage new opportunities. Before you can move on pick up the pieces, create a new life for yourself and simply let go. You have deeper insight an understanding now so don't make the same mistakes again. This is a time when hard, cold reality enters your world of dreams and fantasy. If you're extreme in your demands - either romantically or professionally you'll return empty handed. Long-distance communications and business dealings are successful however.


21 March - 20 April

You have a lot more support than you think, so don't be negative about the circumstances. Look around and enlist the help of others. Your backlog at work could be playing on your mind yet at the same time you're not in the mood to tackle a mountain of paperwork. It's probably better to have a break and come back with fresh eyes. Give generously and gladly and good fortune will come back to you by the bucket load. Set up your television with Internet access or some other media device and enjoy having fun with the family virtually if you can't be with them in person. A news item you read may get under your skin and upset your balance for the rest of the day. Don't let it.


21 April - 21 May

Your mind may be congested with information overload. You have to strip things back to basics and this will be your reality check today. If you feel really strongly about something you don't need to convince everyone else. You could run into obstructive people by pushing too hard and being emotionally demanding. Give people space and they will perform much better. You must also not go acting upon a hunch when you also need to use some reasoning in the process. You need to prioritise the most important things in your life today. Your spending could be idiotic right now because you're not thinking things through. 


22 May - 21 June

Go with the flow and look to the deeper implications of what you're hearing or seeing now. Your faith will be tested and your inner belief system will be on the line. Do you have the courage of your convictions or is what you're saying simply a line you're spinning to impress others? You'll be under the microscope and have to live by your words. A more attractive and persuasive attitude filters through your activities and relationships though. You should eagerly supply your help to someone, especially if they are significant to your overall strategy. You may not feel free and can resent others whom you believe are trying to inhibit your freedom and originality. If you note that someone is not being truthful, you have to let them know before the words come out of their from their mouths.


22 June - 23 July

You need to see the bigger picture in your relationships as well as in your professional life. You'll need to be quietly assertive in doing what you think is best today. Your words are a double-edged sword just now so take care. People may seem to be in need but you could overlook the fact that they're simply not pulling their own weight and are just leaning on you. The impression others have of you may not be as accurate as they think. If you haven't been talking much to friends, revive discussions and their appraisal of you. You are on the go again and will find yourself busy with too many things. Prioritize what is essential and disregard the rest.


24 July - 23 August

Your willpower is your strength now and this heightened internal energy of intention offers you a perfect blend of emotional control with decided mental integrity - all the best possible traits for achieving success. Don't allow the old dinosaurs of habit to inhibit your ability to grow creatively during this excellent period. You need new strategies for developing your creativity and this means meeting and adopting attitudes from those you will ordinarily not consider. You need to expand your circle of influence in this way. However....you're burning yourself, and you don't know it. If you've been working hard you need to take time out and enjoy your life with such activities as swimming, hiking, working out in the gym or simply doing nothing at all.


24 August - 23 September

Your value system has changed in the last couple of years but they may not have kept up with you. Change is in the air. Remember, you have to take baby steps before tackling big goals, especially when it comes to money. Try working through your financial issues before taking a chance. In the dog-eat-dog world of commerce and business, you need to prove you are a step ahead of your competitors. Your thoughts will be along these lines today. Today, you can meet with people of deep spiritual values and feel comfortable with those who think differently to you. You may want to break down some structures to live more freely.


24 September - 23 October

You might feel as if the whole world is against you especially if several people seem to be asserting the same opinion in unison. Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps you're the one that is not in step with the truth? Today requires you to stand outside your usual perspective and consider another view. Your health is good and you feel energetic. This is a time when you can get a lot done, without feeling stressed or fatigued. You pour a lot of creative energy into your work, and consequently, you enjoy it very much and accomplish a great deal as well. You may find yourself losing interest in your home or dwelling and may want something bigger and better.  

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If you need to communicate important information to someone the key to gaining their support is to slow down your speech and rephrase anything...

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