Long-awaited sequel finally arrives for Zoolander

FIFTEEN years after his cinematic debut, Derek Zoolander is finally getting the film opening he deserves.

Molly made a difference to our lives back in the ’70s

Molly Meldrum

Tonight's premiere of Molly has had a huge build-up

Jessica Biel's morning routine: never hit snooze

Jessica Biel always has breakfast with her son.

Cartoonist Peter Broelman draws on witty humour

Peter Broelman creating political cartoons from his home studio.

Peter Broelman says his gift for art came to him at a young age

Penelope Cruz couldn't stop laughing on set

Penelope Cruz: "impossible" not to laugh filming 'Zoolander No. 2'.

Helen Mirren: Being apart helps marriage

Helen Mirren claims "time apart" is key to her successful marriage

Jessica Alba feels masculine

Jessica Alba identified with her "masculine" side most of her life

Melanie Griffith won't wed again, calls it 'archaic'

Melanie Griffith won't marry again

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Chris Rock: Black actresses have it tough

Chris Rock thinks black women have the "hardest gig in show business" because there are fewer roles and lower pay.

Coco Austin gets baby's ears pierced

Coco Austin and Ice-T have got their 10-week-old baby's ears pierced

Elton John in surprise station performance

Sir Elton John stunned travellers with a surprise performance

Mackay man stumbles upon Guy Sebastian while fishing

Brandon Hosie was fishing for barra when Guy Sebastian stopped by for a yarn.

I was fishing when this Guy walks up...

Dame Helen Mirren defends Academy

Helen Mirren has defended the Academy over the lack of nominations

Abigail Breslin is confident she'll be a great Dirty Dancer

Abigail Breslin is confident she'll have the right moves as Baby

Beyoncé dumped her manager of five years

Beyoncé has changed her management team.

Titanic: The truth about Rose, Jack and that door

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rose could have saved Jack’s life in Titanic, but instead allowed him to freeze to death.

First look at Kevin Spacey's latest role as... a cat?

Kevin Spacey voices the character Mr Fuzzypants in the movie Nine Lives.

FIRST look at Oscar winner as the voice of Mr Fuzzypants.

Leonardo DiCaprio triumphs at SAGs

Leonardo DiCaprio is one step closer to the Oscars

Screen Actors Guild Awards celebrate on-screen diversity

Idris Elba accepts the award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role at the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

IDRIS Elba and Uzo Aduba take out two gongs each.

Michael Gambon's script struggles

Sir Michael Gambon struggled to remember his lines in 'Dad's Army'

Is a superhero Kristen Stewart on the way?

Kristen Stewart wants to play a superhero.